Illiminate on the Fringe Radio Show

For the August 21, 2017 edition of the Fringe Radio Show, host E.T. spoke to Illiminate.

Both E.T. and Illiminate will be performing at the upcoming Grid Squid show which will go down at Nile Sports Bar & Hookah Lounge this week. The Sea of Faces tour stop will take place August 25, and will also feature A Playa Named Stones, Namir Blade, Stagger, and AL-D. Click here for more information.

[Download MP3 file here]

Fringe Radio Show in the Nashville Scene

“Over the past seven decades, an incredible variety of music has developed roots and infrastructure in Nashville, from country, R&B and Americana, to myriad flavors of rock and punk and contemporary dance-driven pop. Music City’s hip-hop artists, however, don’t seem to get the attention they deserve.

People are working hard to change that: Examples include Virghost’s Villematic concert series, AL-D and E.T.’s Fringe Radio Show on WRFN and their quarterly Meant for the Milk Crate showcases, and Dirtbike Mike’s Tuesday open mic cypher at Bearded Iris Brewing’s taproom. Still, establishing connections in other cities where major players have built their home bases remains key for talented producers and performers to reach the next level of their careers” —Stephen Trageser for the Nashville Scene