Fringe Radio Show Archive


The Fringe Radio Show broadcasts live every Monday at 6:00pm (Central) on Radio Free Nashville 103.7 FM (which is also streaming online at

Fringe Radio Show Program Archive:

02/27/2023 Plug Two, aka Trugoy the Dove, Tribute (with E.T.)
02/20/2023 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
02/13/2023 Birthday Celebration (with E.T.)
02/06/2023 Local Music (with AL-D)
01/30/2023 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
01/23/2023 Local Music (with E.T.)
01/16/2023 Local Music (with AL-D)
01/09/2023 Fred White (of Earth, Wind & Fire) Tribute (with E.T.)
01/02/2023 Re-Broadcast

12/26/2022 Re-Broadcast
12/19/2022 Christmas Music (with Al-D)
12/12/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
12/05/2022 Local Music (with AL-D)
11/28/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
11/21/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
11/14/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
11/07/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
10/31/2022 Halloween Favorites (re-broadcast with E.T.)
10/24/2022 Halloween Favorites (re-broadcast with E.T.)
10/17/2022 Local Music incl. The Other Side Too (with AL-D)
10/03/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
09/26/2022 Manifesto (with E.T.)
09/19/2022 Local Music (with AL-D)
09/12/2022 Manifesto’s Past (with E.T.)
09/05/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
08/29/2022 L’Orange (re-broadcast with AL-D)
08/22/2022 Re-Broadcast with AL-D
08/15/2022 GreenWay Music Fest Preview (with AL-D)
08/08/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
08/01/2022 GreenWay Music Fest Preview (with AL-D)
07/25/2022 T.R.A.N.E. Spitta (with E.T.)
07/18/2022 Re-Broadcast
07/11/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
07/04/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
06/27/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
06/20/2022 villin Selections (with AL-D)
06/13/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
06/06/2022 Local Artist Sumissions (re-broadcast with AL-D)
05/30/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
05/23/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
05/16/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
05/09/2022 Black Star and Local Music (with E.T.)
05/02/2022 Local Music (with AL-D)
04/25/2022 Prince Tribute (re-broadcast with E.T.)
04/18/2022 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (re-broadcast with AL-D)
04/11/2022 Black Star Tribute (with E.T.)
04/04/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
03/28/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
03/21/2022 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (with AL-D)
03/14/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
03/07/2022 villin Selections (with AL-D)
02/28/2022 Re-Broadcast
02/21/2022 Local Hip-Hop (with AL-D)
02/14/2022 Birthday Celebration (with E.T.)
02/07/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
01/31/2022 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (re-broadcast with AL-D)
01/24/2022 Tributes (with E.T.)
01/17/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
01/10/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)
01/03/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

12/27/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (re-broadcast)
12/20/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (re-broadcast)
12/13/2021 Christmas Favorites (re-broadcast with E.T.)
12/06/2021 Local Music (with AL-D)
11/29/2021 Local Music (with E.T.)
11/22/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
11/15/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with E.T.)
11/08/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with E.T.)
11/01/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
10/25/2021 Halloween Special (re-broadcast with E.T.)
10/18/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
10/11/2021 Local Music (with E.T.)
10/04/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
09/27/2021 Souls of Mischief ’93 ‘Til Infinity Tribute (with E.T.)
09/20/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
09/13/2021 Local and national music (re-broadcast with E.T.)
09/06/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
08/30/2021 Justin Townes Earle Tribute (re-broadcast with AL-D)
08/23/2021 Local and national music (with E.T.)
08/16/2021 kidDEAD (re-broadcast with Al-D)
08/09/2021 Brown Bag Fest Preview (re-broadcast with AL-D)
08/02/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
07/26/2021 Biz Markie Tribute (with E.T.)
07/19/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
07/12/2021 Local Music (with E.T.)
07/05/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
06/28/2021 Instrumentals (with E.T.)
06/21/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes
06/14/2021 Quiet Entertainer’s Live at Pearl Diver EP (with E.T.)
06/07/2021 Local Music (with AL-D)
06/31/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
05/24/2021 National Music Mix (with E.T.)
05/17/2021 DJ Rate ’90s Hip Hop Selections and Mixes
05/10/2021 Jeff Blaney’s Ukulele Daydream EP & more (with E.T.)
05/03/2021 Local Artist Submissions (with AL-D)
04/26/2021 Country Project (with E.T.)
04/19/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes
04/12/2021 DMX Tribute (with E.T.)
04/05/2021 New Nashville Music (with AL-D)
03/29/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
03/22/2021 Nashville Music (with E.T.)
03/15/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes
03/08/2021 Nashville Music (with E.T.)
03/01/2021 Nashville Music (with AL-D)
02/22/2021 Jenesys (re-broadcast with E.T.)
02/15/2021 Local Music (with E.T.)
02/08/2021 Local and National Music (with E.T.)
02/01/2021 Nashville Music (with AL-D)
01/25/2021 Jeff Blaney (with E.T.)
01/18/2021 Local Music (with AL-D)
01/11/2021 2017 Fall Sampler (with E.T.)
01/04/2021 615 Day 2020 (re-broadcast with AL-D)

12/28/2020 Christmas Hip Hop Favorites (re-broadcast with E.T.)
12/21/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
12/14/2020 Christmas Hip Hop Favorites (with E.T.)
12/07/2020 Underground Hip Hop (re-broadcast with AL-D)
11/30/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
11/23/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)
11/16/2020 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)
11/09/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)
11/02/2020 Re-Broadcast with AL-D
10/26/2020 Local Music (Re-Broadcast with E.T.)
10/19/2020 G.E.D. Soul Records (with E.T.)
10/12/2020 Eddie Van Halen Tribute (with E.T.)
10/05/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
09/28/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)
09/21/2020 Justin Townes Earle Tribute (with AL-D)
09/14/2020 James Key, fka: Sign 7 (with E.T.)
09/07/2020 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
09/01/2020 Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)
08/24/2020 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
08/17/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
08/10/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)
08/03/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
07/27/2020 Charlie Daniels Tribute (with E.T.)
07/20/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
07/13/2020 Bill Withers Tribute (with E.T.)
07/06/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
06/29/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
06/22/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)
06/15/2020 615 Day (with AL-D)
06/08/2020 Black Lives Matter Broadcast (with E.T.)
06/01/2020 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
05/25/2020 Little Richard Tribute (with E.T.)
05/18/2020 Underground Hip Hop (with AL-D)
05/11/2020 Local Artist Submissions (Re-Broadcast with AL-D)
05/04/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)
04/27/2020 Brauni (with E.T.)
04/20/2020 S.M.O. (Re-Broadcast with AL-D)
04/13/2020 Personal Favorites (with E.T.)
04/06/2020 Local Artist Showcase (with AL-D)
03/30/2020 Young Freeman and Local Artists (with AL-D)
03/23/2020 Kenny Rogers Tribute (with E.T.)
03/16/2020 Past MFTMC Performers (re-broadcast with AL-D)
03/09/2020 DJ Vamp (with E.T.)
03/02/2020 Classic Williams and Weston (with AL-D)
02/24/2020 Gang Starr Tribute (re-broadcast with E.T.)
02/17/2020 Loot Tester (re-broadcast with AL-D)
02/10/2020 Re-Broadcast
02/03/2020 Local Artist Submissions (with AL-D)
01/27/2020 Local Artist Showcase (with E.T.)
01/20/2020 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)
01/13/2020 A Trip Through Memory Lane (with E.T.)
01/06/2020 Polar Fest (with AL-D)

12/30/2019 Local Hip Hop (replay with AL-D)
12/23/2019 Christmas Hip Hop Favorites (replay with E.T.)
12/16/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Mixtape (replay with AL-D)
12/09/2019 Prince Tribute (replay with E.T.)
12/02/2019 Ayanna Jahnee (replay with AL-D)
11/25/2019 Gang Starr’s One of the Best Yet (with E.T.)
11/18/2019 Local Artist Submissions (replay with AL-D)
11/11/2019 Event Recap (with E.T.)
11/04/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)
10/28/2019 Wu-Tang Clan Tribute (replay with E.T.)
10/21/2019 Loot Tester (with AL-D)
10/14/2019 Mos Def’s Black on Both Sides (with E.T.)
10/07/2019 Breakaway Fest w. Kaby & more (with AL-D)
10/01/2019 Local Artist Submissions (replay with AL-D)
09/23/2019 Bobfest Preview (with E.T.)
09/16/2019 Trane Spitta and K.I.N.G. the MC (with AL-D)
09/09/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with E.T.)
09/02/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)
08/26/2019 Live Event Preview (with E.T.)
08/19/2019 Brown Bag Fest Preview (with AL-D)
08/12/2019 Brown Bag Fest Preview (with E.T.)
08/05/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Mixtape Vol. 1 (with AL-D)
07/29/2019 No Guest (with AL-D)
07/22/2019 J Dilla Tribute replay (with E.T.)
07/15/2019 Local Music Submissions replay (with AL-D)
07/08/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with E.T.)
07/01/2019 Bobby Fuego (with AL-D)
06/24/2019 Far Out Fest (with E.T.)
06/17/2019 Weston (with AL-D)
06/10/2019 Wu-Tang Clan tribute (with E.T.)
06/03/2019 Jesse Lives (with AL-D)
05/27/2019 Bentley Caldwell’s The Place… (with E.T.)
05/20/2019 Jason Marsden (with AL-D)
05/13/2019 Mr. VA (with E.T.)
05/06/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)
04/29/2019 Local Music replay (with E.T.)
04/22/2019 Local music replay (with E.T.)
04/15/2019 Carnage the Executioner (with AL-D)
04/08/2019 Kurt Cobain Tribute (with E.T.)
04/01/2019 Local artist submissions (with AL-D)
03/25/2019 DJ Wigs & New Bang (with AL-D & E.T.)
03/18/2019 2Piece (with AL-D)
03/11/2019 Notorious B.I.G. Tribute (with E.T.)
03/04/2019 J-Live (with AL-D)
02/25/2019 Replay
02/18/2019 Black Star Archives (with E.T.)
02/11/2019 Greg Bryant (with AL-D)
02/04/2019 Stainless (with AL-D)
01/28/2019 Spewfest Preview (with E.T.)
01/21/2019 Taiyamo Denku (with E.T.)
01/14/2019 Strif Dogs (with E.T.)
01/07/2019 OskarProphecy (with AL-D)

12/31/2018 Local music replay (with AL-D)
12/24/2018 Previous show replay
12/17/2018 Ayanna Jahnee (with AL-D)
12/10/2018 Upcoming Hip Hop Show Previews (with E.T.)
12/03/2018 Local Artist Submissions (with AL-D)
11/26/2018 Previously Unreleased Tracks (with E.T.)
11/19/2018 Top Notch (with AL-D)
11/12/2018 Previous show replay
11/05/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)
10/29/2018 Hip Hop Halloween (with AL-D)
10/22/2018 Halloween Playlist (with E.T.)
10/15/2018 Mikey Black and VIBEZ (with AL-D)
10/08/2018 Beats and Instrumentals (with E.T.)
10/01/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate (replay with AL-D)
09/24/2018 Summer Sampler replay (with E.T.)
09/17/2018 Big Lo and Fyütch (with AL-D)
09/10/2018 Summer Sampler (with E.T.)
09/03/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate preview (with AL-D)
08/27/2018 DJ Wigs and New Bang (with AL-D and E.T.)
08/20/2018 MUG$ and L Roy Da Boy (with AL-D)
08/13/2018 Ill Dose replay (with E.T.)
08/06/2018 Quiet Entertainer (with AL-D)
07/30/2018 Case Bloom and Radski (with AL-D)
07/23/2018 Local Show Previews (with AL-D)
07/16/2018 Rashad Tha Poet (with AL-D)
07/09/2018 Weston & Out Here Boys (with E.T. and AL-D)
07/02/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)
06/25/2018 Party With a Purpose Preview (with E.T.)
06/18/2018 It’s Like That Records (with AL-D)
06/11/2018 Nick Nixon Tribute (with E.T.)
06/04/2018 Villematic Preview (with AL-D)
05/28/2018 Local Artists (replay with E.T.)
05/21/2018 Local Artist Submissions (with AL-D)
05/14/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with E.T.)
05/07/2018 Culture Freedom & Trane Spitta (with AL-D)
04/30/2018 Local Musician Submissions (with AL-D)
04/23/2018 Local Artists (with E.T.)
04/16/2018 Local Artists (with AL-D)
04/09/2018 Back Pockets Live at The Basement East (with E.T.)
04/02/2018 Black Holler’s Heidi Ervin (with AL-D)
03/26/2018 Brauninger (with E.T.)
03/19/2018 Local Hip Hop (with AL-D)
03/12/2018 Local Hip Hop (replay with E.T.)
03/05/2018 DTL (with AL-D)
02/26/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with E.T.)
02/19/2018 Trane Spitta and James Fate (with AL-D)
02/12/2018 Dirtbike Mike/Bentley Caldwell spots (with E.T.)
02/05/2018 Remsteele (with AL-D)
01/29/2018 Bentley Caldwell (with AL-D)
01/15/2018 Boom Bap X Preview (with AL-D)
01/08/2018 Spewfest 3 Preview (with E.T.)
01/01/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Radio replay (with AL-D)

12/25/2017 Christmas Hip Hop Favorites (with E.T.)
12/18/2017 DJ Wick-It the Instigator (with AL-D)
12/11/2017 2016 Fall / Winter Sampler replay (with E.T.)
12/04/2017 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)
11/27/2017 2017 Fall / Winter Sampler (with E.T.)
11/20/2017 Stepson and Odd Moon (with AL-D)
11/13/2017 DJ Bmore Bella (with E.T.)
11/06/2017 Skip Fearless (with AL-D)
10/30/2017 Kadmon Love (with AL-D)
10/23/2017 Local hip hop (with AL-D)
10/16/2017 Local hip hop (with AL-D)
10/09/2017 Tom Petty Tribute (with E.T.)
10/02/2017 Seene P & BA the Lewe (with AL-D)
09/25/2017 Pay it Forward & City Swap Preview (with E.T.)
09/18/2017 3van 6rey (with AL-D)
09/11/2017 Local hip hop (with E.T.)
09/04/2017 Local hip hop (with AL-D)
08/28/2017 Racq Music (with AL-D)
08/21/2017 Illiminate (with E.T.)
08/14/2017 Mobb Deep Tribute (with E.T.)
08/07/2017 Tiara P (with AL-D)
07/31/2017 SeddyMac (with AL-D)
07/24/2017 JusBam (with E.T.)
07/17/2017 Special Guest (with AL-D)
07/10/2017 Louisville Classics (with E.T.)
07/03/2017 Nashville Hip Hop Favorites re-broadcast (with AL-D)
06/26/2017 Summer Sampler re-broadcast (with E.T.)
06/19/2017 BEZ (with AL-D)
06/12/2017 D’Llisha Davis (with AL-D)
06/05/2017 Nikko Green (with AL-D)
05/29/2017 Nashville Hip Hop Classics re-broadcast (with AL-D)
05/22/2017 Summer Sampler (with E.T.)
05/15/2017 Squikee (with AL-D)
05/08/2017 TIO (with E.T. and AL-D)
05/01/2017 Chilli Sauce (with AL-D)
04/24/2017 Dirtbike Mike (with E.T. and AL-D)
04/17/2017 Bruce Ervin, Heidi Ervin & Rachel Ward (with AL-D)
04/10/2017 Olasubomi “Ola” Aka-Bashorun (with E.T.)
04/03/2017 Raw Proof (with AL-D)
03/27/2017 Ill Dose Replay (with E.T.)
03/20/2017 Capo of Concrete Magazine (with AL-D)
03/13/2017 JusBam (with E.T.)
03/06/2017 Dave Singleton of Magic in Threes (with AL-D)
02/27/2017 Old School Mondays (with E.T.)
02/20/2017 Dee Jay Stones & 28 (with AL-D)
02/13/2017 Jenesys (with E.T.)
02/06/2017 Bradley Shelton and Kwesi Skillz (with AL-D)
01/30/2017 S-Wrap and Bobby Exodus (with AL-D)
01/23/2017 Ill Dose (with E.T.)
01/16/2016 Tyke T (with AL-D)
01/09/2017 Fall/Winter Sampler Replay (with E.T.)
01/02/2017 Local Hip Hop (with E.T.)

12/26/2016 Christmas Special (with E.T.)
12/19/2016 Malcolm DeWayne (with AL-D)
12/12/2016 Fall/Winter Sampler (with E.T.)
12/05/2016 Killing Grace (with AL-D)
11/28/2016 Nam White (with E.T.)
11/21/2016 Polar (with AL-D)
11/14/2016 A Tribe Called Quest Tribute (with E.T.)
11/07/2016 Mage Tha Blackheart & Templar (with AL-D)
10/31/2016 Nashville Hip Hop Favorites (with AL-D)
10/24/2016 J Dilla Tribute (with E.T.)
10/17/2016 mc chris (with AL-D)
10/10/2016 Local Hip Hop Playlist (with E.T.)
10/03/2016 Frzy & DJ Wigs (with AL-D)
09/26/2016 Instrumental Mondays (with E.T.)
09/19/2016 Rachel Warrick, Arthur Leago & Ra Noise (with AL-D)
09/12/2016 Cole Jonique (with E.T.)
09/05/2016 Virghost & Black Atticus (with AL-D)
08/29/2016 No Guest (with AL-D)
08/22/2016 Allen Poe & Foundation Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
08/15/2016 Allen Poe & Foundation (with AL-D)
08/08/2016 The Fugees’ “The Score” Tribute Show (with E.T.)
08/01/2016 Tylan (with AL-D)
07/25/2016 Summer Sampler (with E.T.)
07/18/2016 Jo’shua Odine (with AL-D)
07/11/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)
07/04/2016 No Guest (with AL-D)
06/27/2016 Amerigo Gazaway Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
06/20/2016 BeHoward and Slim Chance (with AL-D)
06/13/2016 Pow Shadowz and AL-D (with E.T.)
06/06/2016 Amerigo Gazaway (with AL-D)
05/30/2016 Best of (with E.T.)
05/23/2016 Alfred Banks (with AL-D)
05/16/2016 Indie Chris (with AL-D)
05/09/2016 Cory Taylor Cox (with E.T.)
05/02/2016 Matthew McCoy of MD and Cobalt Blue (with AL-D)
04/25/2016 Prince Tribute (with E.T.)
04/18/2016 Namir Blade (aka Rain, aka .mge.) (with AL-D)
04/11/2016 Old School Mondays (with E.T.)
04/04/2016 Finess (with AL-D)
03/28/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)
03/21/2016 Slim Chance and 5’3″ (with AL-D)
03/14/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)
03/07/2016 Wayne Diesel (with AL-D)
02/29/2016 Top Notch of IIIrd Class (with AL-D)
02/22/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)
02/15/2016 Birthday Show (with E.T.)
02/08/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)
02/01/2016 Bowls and Case Bloom (with AL-D)
01/25/2016 2015 Fall Sampler, Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)
01/18/2016 DJ Truestarr and Shmuck the Loyal (with AL-D)
01/11/2016 The Gills (with E.T.)
01/04/2016 Don S. & Positive Vibe (with AL-D)

12/28/2015 DJ Stones and Kross (with E.T.)
12/21/2015 Heidi Ervin (with AL-D)
12/14/2015 No Guest (with E.T.)
12/07/2015 No Guest (with AL-D)
11/30/2015 E.T. (with AL-D)
11/23/2015 No Guest (with E.T.)
11/16/2015 Samantha Frances (with AL-D)
11/09/2015 Fall 2015 Sampler (with E.T.)
11/02/2015 S.M.O. (with AL-D)
10/26/2015 Manzardo (with E.T.)
10/19/2015 Jeni Calhoun (with AL-D)
10/12/2015 No Guest, Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)
10/05/2015 Mutual Groove (with AL-D)
09/28/2015 Bentley Caldwell (with AL-D)
09/21/2015 L’Orange (with AL-D)
09/14/2015 No Guest, Requests (with E.T.)
09/07/2015 Virghost (with E.T.)
08/31/2015 Great Barrier Reefs, Dynamo & more (with AL-D)
08/24/2015 Cormat Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)
08/17/2015 Cormat (with AL-D)
08/10/2015 Quiet Entertainer (with E.T.)
08/03/2015 Lad, Classik Levine & Wings of Apollo (with AL-D)
07/27/2015 Rae Hering & Jonathan Morse (with E.T.)
07/20/2015 Fauna Halo & Sofa Brown (with AL-D)
07/13/2015 No Guest (with AL-D & E.T.)
07/06/2015 Magnetic & B.Cooper (with AL-D)
06/29/2015 Zach Lerman and Since When? (with AL-D)
06/22/2015 Sarah Saturday and Dycee Wildman (with AL-D & E.T.)
06/15/2015 Samantha & Adam of 61hi5 (with AL-D)
06/08/2015 No Guest (with E.T.)
06/01/2015 No Guest (with AL-D)
05/25/2015 No Guest (with E.T.)
05/18/2015 Dillon Minach & Supastition (with AL-D)
05/11/2015 2015 Spring Sampler Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)
05/04/2015 Pow Shadowz (with Al-D)
04/27/2015 No Guest (with Al-D)
04/20/2015 Magnetic Forces (with Al-D)
04/13/2015 2015 Spring Sampler (with E.T.)
04/06/2015 DJ Vamp (with Al-D)
03/30/2015 The Upper Middle (with Al-D)
03/23/2015 Waterfall Wash (with E.T.)
03/16/2015 Truth Clipsy (with Al-D)
03/09/2015 Kayla Newcome Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)
03/02/2015 We Speak in Colors (with Al-D)
02/23/2015 2015 Winter Sampler Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)
02/16/2015 2015 Winter Sampler Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)
02/09/2015 2015 Winter Sampler (with E.T.)
02/02/2015 Spoken Nerd (with Al-D)
01/26/2015 Jeff Blaney (with E.T.)
01/19/2015 Frances & the Foundation (with Al-D)
01/12/2015 Iyce (with E.T.)
01/05/2015 AdoniYah (with Al-D)

12/29/2014 Jason Da Hater of Iron Mic Coalition (with Al-D)
12/22/2014 Rae Hering (with E.T.)
12/15/2014 Cole Jonique (with Al-D)
12/08/2014 B. Stille of Nappy Roots (with E.T.)
12/01/2014 kidDEAD (with Al-D)
11/24/2014 No Guest (with E.T.)
11/17/2014 Rahsaan Barber of The Megaphones (with Al-D)
11/10/2014 Snipes Re-Broadcast (with Al-D)
11/03/2014 Snipes (with Al-D)
10/27/2014 Zach Ferrin and Jo Cleary of Fable Cry (with E.T.)
10/20/2014 Churchyard (with Al-D)
10/13/2014 Ashleigh Taylor Anderson (with E.T.)
10/06/2014 D.O.U.G.H. (with Al-D)
09/29/2014 No Guest (with Al-D)
09/22/2014 Ric Latina and Markey of Markey Blue (with E.T.)
09/15/2014 Justin Kalk of the Justin Kalk Orchestra (with Al-D)
09/08/2014 Virghost Memphiasco (with E.T.)
09/01/2014 Young Quael (with Al-D)
08/25/2014 Deep Fried 5 (with E.T.)
08/18/2014 Cormat (with Al-D)
08/11/2014 Quiet Entertainer (with E.T.)
08/04/2014 *repeat repeat (with Al-D)
07/28/2014 Guthrie Brown (with E.T.)
07/21/2014 Sofa Brown (with Al-D)
07/14/2014 Kayla Newcome (with E.T.)
07/07/2014 Pow Shadowz (with Al-D)
06/30/2014 2014 Summer Sampler (with E.T.)
06/23/2014 Greg Bryant (with E.T.)
06/16/2014 In Mi Vida (with Al-D)
06/09/2014 James Fate (with E.T.)
06/02/2014 Rashad Tha Poet (with Al-D)
05/26/2014 Jeff Blaney (with E.T.)
05/19/2014 Asher Horton and Ben Parks (with Al-D)
05/12/2014 Dee Jay Stones (with E.T.)
05/05/2014 No Guest (with Al-D)
04/28/2014 Tony Hartman of Great Barrier Reefs (with Al-D)
04/21/2014 Charles Butler (with Al-D)
04/14/2014 Kansas Bible Company (with Al-D)
04/07/2014 AJ Eason of AJ & the Jiggawatts (with Al-D)
03/31/2014 Austin Grimm of Roots of a Rebellion (with Al-D)
03/24/2014 Two-Tones (with Al-D)
03/17/2014 Dj Chozen (with Al-D)
03/10/2014 Chris West & Bruce Ervin (with Al-D)
03/03/2014 Whit Hubner of Mando Blues (with Al-D)
02/26/2014 Great Barrier Reefs & more (with Al-D)
02/17/2014 No Guest (with E.T.)
02/10/2014 David Guy of G.E.D. Soul Records (with Al-D)
02/03/2014 Comedy Mafia (with Al-D)
01/27/2014 Tony Gerber of Cotton Blossom Band (with Al-D)
01/20/2014 Jesse Lafser (with Al-D)
01/13/2014 BloodDrive (with Al-D)
01/06/2014 Andrew Muller (with Al-D)

12/30/2013 Swap Meet Symphony (with Al-D)
12/23/2013 No Guest (with Al-D)
12/16/2013 Dj Rate (with Al-D)
12/09/2013 Oscar Utterstrom and Bruce Ervin (with Al-D)
12/02/2013 *repeat repeat (with Al-D)
11/25/2013 Tyler Parkey & Andy Leab of Funkonauts (with Al-D)
11/11/2013 Chris West (with Al-D)
10/28/2013 No Guest (with Al-D)