Nashville Fringe Festival

Celebrating the diversity of Nashville artists

Fringe Radio Show with AL-D & E.T.

Fringe Radio Show

The Fringe Radio Show broadcasts live every Monday at 6:00pm (Central) on Radio Free Nashville 103.7 FM (which is also streaming online at

Fringe Radio Show Program Archive:

06/24/2024 K.I.N.G. the MC Tribute (with E.T.)

06/17/2024 Laura Reed Showcase (with AL-D)

06/10/2024 Re-Broadcast

06/03/2024 Re-Broadcast

05/27/2024 Re-Broadcast

05/20/2024 Re-Broadcast

05/13/2024 Re-Broadcast

05/06/2024 Re-Broadcast

04/29/2024 Re-Broadcast

04/22/2024 Nas’ Illmatic Tribute (with E.T.)

04/15/2024 Re-Broadcast

04/08/2024 Re-Broadcast

04/01/2024 Local Music (with AL-D)

03/25/2024 T. Walker (with E.T.)

03/18/2024 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

03/11/2024 Local Music (with E.T.)

03/04/2024 Re-Broadcast

02/26/2024 Local Music (re-broadcast with E.T.)

02/19/2024 Re-Broadcast

02/12/2024 The Sit-In Mixtape (re-broadcast with E.T.)

02/05/2025 The Sit-In Mixtape (with E.T.)

01/29/2024 Re-Broadcast

01/22/2024 Local Music (with E.T.)

01/15/2024 Re-Broadcast

01/08/2024 New Year Songs (with E.T.)

01/01/2024 Re-Broadcast

12/25/2023 Favorite Christmas Songs (with E.T.)

12/18/2023 Re-Broadcast

12/11/2023 Re-Broadcast

12/04/2023 Local Music (with AL-D)

11/27/2023 Interfusion (with E.T.)

11/20/2023 Re-Broadcast

11/13/2023 Midnight Marauders Anniversary (with E.T.)

11/06/2023 Mutual Groove & East Kin (with AL-D)

10/30/2023 Re-Broadcast

10/23/2023 Jeff Blaney’s The Devil’s Hopyard (with E.T.)

10/16/2023 Re-Broadcast

10/09/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with E.T.)

10/02/2023 AL-D Celebration (with E.T.)

09/25/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

09/18/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

09/11/2023 Local Hip-Hop (with E.T.)

09/04/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

08/28/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with E.T.)

08/21/2023 Local Hip-Hop (with AL-D)

08/14/2023 Local Music (with E.T.)

08/07/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

07/31/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

07/24/2023 Out of Towner’s Special (with E.T.)

07/17/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

07/10/2023 Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary (with E.T.)

07/03/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

06/26/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

06/19/2023 Tina Turner Tribute (re-broadcast with E.T.)

06/12/2023 Tina Turner Tribute (with E.T.)

06/05/2023 Re-broadcast

05/29/2023 Re-broadcast

05/22/2023 Beats from the Archive (with E.T.)

05/15/2023 Re-broadcast

05/08/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with E.T.)

05/01/2023 Underground Hip-Hop (re-broadcast with AL-D)

04/24/2023 420 Special Broadcast (with E.T.)

04/17/2023 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

04/10/2023 Local Music (with E.T.)

04/03/2023 Sound Therapy Preview (with AL-D)

03/27/2023 Raw Proof (with E.T.)

03/20/2023 The Artifacts Tribute (with AL-D)

03/13/2023 Plug Two, aka Trugoy the Dove, Tribute (re-broadcast with E.T.)

03/06/2023 De La Soul Tribute (with AL-D)

02/27/2023 Plug Two, aka Trugoy the Dove, Tribute (with E.T.)

02/20/2023 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

02/13/2023 Birthday Celebration (with E.T.)

02/06/2023 Local Music (with AL-D)

01/30/2023 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

01/23/2023 Local Music (with E.T.)

01/16/2023 Local Music (with AL-D)

01/09/2023 Fred White (of Earth, Wind & Fire) Tribute (with E.T.)

01/02/2023 Re-Broadcast

12/26/2022 Re-Broadcast

12/19/2022 Christmas Music (with Al-D)

12/12/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

12/05/2022 Local Music (with AL-D)

11/28/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

11/21/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

11/14/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

11/07/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

10/31/2022 Halloween Favorites (re-broadcast with E.T.)

10/24/2022 Halloween Favorites (re-broadcast with E.T.)

10/17/2022 Local Music incl. The Other Side Too (with AL-D)

10/03/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

09/26/2022 Manifesto (with E.T.)

09/19/2022 Local Music (with AL-D)

09/12/2022 Manifesto’s Past (with E.T.)

09/05/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

08/29/2022 L’Orange (re-broadcast with AL-D)

08/22/2022 Re-Broadcast with AL-D

08/15/2022 GreenWay Music Fest Preview (with AL-D)

08/08/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

08/01/2022 GreenWay Music Fest Preview (with AL-D)

07/25/2022 T.R.A.N.E. Spitta (with E.T.)

07/18/2022 Re-Broadcast

07/11/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

07/04/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

06/27/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

06/20/2022 villin Selections (with AL-D)

06/13/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

06/06/2022 Local Artist Sumissions (re-broadcast with AL-D)

05/30/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

05/23/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

05/16/2022 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

05/09/2022 Black Star and Local Music (with E.T.)

05/02/2022 Local Music (with AL-D)

04/25/2022 Prince Tribute (re-broadcast with E.T.)

04/18/2022 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (re-broadcast with AL-D)

04/11/2022 Black Star Tribute (with E.T.)

04/04/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

03/28/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

03/21/2022 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (with AL-D)

03/14/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

03/07/2022 villin Selections (with AL-D)

02/28/2022 Re-Broadcast

02/21/2022 Local Hip-Hop (with AL-D)

02/14/2022 Birthday Celebration (with E.T.)

02/07/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

01/31/2022 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (re-broadcast with AL-D)

01/24/2022 Tributes (with E.T.)

01/17/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

01/10/2022 Local Music (with E.T.)

01/03/2022 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

12/27/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (re-broadcast)

12/20/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes (re-broadcast)

12/13/2021 Christmas Favorites (re-broadcast with E.T.)

12/06/2021 Local Music (with AL-D)

11/29/2021 Local Music (with E.T.)

11/22/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

11/15/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with E.T.)

11/08/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with E.T.)

11/01/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

10/25/2021 Halloween Special (re-broadcast with E.T.)

10/18/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

10/11/2021 Local Music (with E.T.)

10/04/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

09/27/2021 Souls of Mischief ’93 ‘Til Infinity Tribute (with E.T.)

09/20/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

09/13/2021 Local and national music (re-broadcast with E.T.)

09/06/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

08/30/2021 Justin Townes Earle Tribute (re-broadcast with AL-D)

08/23/2021 Local and national music (with E.T.)

08/16/2021 kidDEAD (re-broadcast with Al-D)

08/09/2021 Brown Bag Fest Preview (re-broadcast with AL-D)

08/02/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

07/26/2021 Biz Markie Tribute (with E.T.)

07/19/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

07/12/2021 Local Music (with E.T.)

07/05/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

06/28/2021 Instrumentals (with E.T.)

06/21/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes

06/14/2021 Quiet Entertainer’s Live at Pearl Diver EP (with E.T.)

06/07/2021 Local Music (with AL-D)

06/31/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

05/24/2021 National Music Mix (with E.T.)

05/17/2021 DJ Rate ’90s Hip Hop Selections and Mixes

05/10/2021 Jeff Blaney’s Ukulele Daydream EP & more (with E.T.)

05/03/2021 Local Artist Submissions (with AL-D)

04/26/2021 Country Project (with E.T.)

04/19/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes

04/12/2021 DMX Tribute (with E.T.)

04/05/2021 New Nashville Music (with AL-D)

03/29/2021 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

03/22/2021 Nashville Music (with E.T.)

03/15/2021 DJ Rate Selections and Mixes

03/08/2021 Nashville Music (with E.T.)

03/01/2021 Nashville Music (with AL-D)

02/22/2021 Jenesys (re-broadcast with E.T.)

02/15/2021 Local Music (with E.T.)

02/08/2021 Local and National Music (with E.T.)

02/01/2021 Nashville Music (with AL-D)

01/25/2021 Jeff Blaney (with E.T.)

01/18/2021 Local Music (with AL-D)

01/11/2021 2017 Fall Sampler (with E.T.)

01/04/2021 615 Day 2020 (re-broadcast with AL-D)

12/28/2020 Christmas Hip Hop Favorites (re-broadcast with E.T.)

12/21/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

12/14/2020 Christmas Hip Hop Favorites (with E.T.)

12/07/2020 Underground Hip Hop (re-broadcast with AL-D)

11/30/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

11/23/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)

11/16/2020 Local Music (re-broadcast with AL-D)

11/09/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)

11/02/2020 Re-Broadcast with AL-D

10/26/2020 Local Music (Re-Broadcast with E.T.)

10/19/2020 G.E.D. Soul Records (with E.T.)

10/12/2020 Eddie Van Halen Tribute (with E.T.)

10/05/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

09/28/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)

09/21/2020 Justin Townes Earle Tribute (with AL-D)

09/14/2020 James Key, fka: Sign 7 (with E.T.)

09/07/2020 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

09/01/2020 Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)

08/24/2020 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

08/17/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

08/10/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)

08/03/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

07/27/2020 Charlie Daniels Tribute (with E.T.)

07/20/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

07/13/2020 Bill Withers Tribute (with E.T.)

07/06/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

06/29/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

06/22/2020 Local Music (with E.T.)

06/15/2020 615 Day (with AL-D)

06/08/2020 Black Lives Matter Broadcast (with E.T.)

06/01/2020 Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

05/25/2020 Little Richard Tribute (with E.T.)

05/18/2020 Underground Hip Hop (with AL-D)

05/11/2020 Local Artist Submissions (Re-Broadcast with AL-D)

05/04/2020 Local Music (with AL-D)

04/27/2020 Brauni (with E.T.)

04/20/2020 S.M.O. (Re-Broadcast with AL-D)

04/13/2020 Personal Favorites (with E.T.)

04/06/2020 Local Artist Showcase (with AL-D)

03/30/2020 Young Freeman and Local Artists (with AL-D)

03/23/2020 Kenny Rogers Tribute (with E.T.)

03/16/2020 Past MFTMC Performers (re-broadcast with AL-D)

03/09/2020 DJ Vamp (with E.T.)

03/02/2020 Classic Williams and Weston (with AL-D)

02/24/2020 Gang Starr Tribute (re-broadcast with E.T.)

02/17/2020 Loot Tester (re-broadcast with AL-D)

02/10/2020 Re-Broadcast

02/03/2020 Local Artist Submissions (with AL-D)

01/27/2020 Local Artist Showcase (with E.T.)

01/20/2020 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)

01/13/2020 A Trip Through Memory Lane (with E.T.)

01/06/2020 Polar Fest (with AL-D)

12/30/2019 Local Hip Hop (replay with AL-D)

12/23/2019 Christmas Hip Hop Favorites (replay with E.T.)

12/16/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Mixtape (replay with AL-D)

12/09/2019 Prince Tribute (replay with E.T.)

12/02/2019 Ayanna Jahnee (replay with AL-D)

11/25/2019 Gang Starr’s One of the Best Yet (with E.T.)

11/18/2019 Local Artist Submissions (replay with AL-D)

11/11/2019 Event Recap (with E.T.)

11/04/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)

10/28/2019 Wu-Tang Clan Tribute (replay with E.T.)

10/21/2019 Loot Tester (with AL-D)

10/14/2019 Mos Def’s Black on Both Sides (with E.T.)

10/07/2019 Breakaway Fest w. Kaby & more (with AL-D)

10/01/2019 Local Artist Submissions (replay with AL-D)

09/23/2019 Bobfest Preview (with E.T.)

09/16/2019 Trane Spitta and K.I.N.G. the MC (with AL-D)

09/09/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with E.T.)

09/02/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)

08/26/2019 Live Event Preview (with E.T.)

08/19/2019 Brown Bag Fest Preview (with AL-D)

08/12/2019 Brown Bag Fest Preview (with E.T.)

08/05/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Mixtape Vol. 1 (with AL-D)

07/29/2019 No Guest (with AL-D)

07/22/2019 J Dilla Tribute replay (with E.T.)

07/15/2019 Local Music Submissions replay (with AL-D)

07/08/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with E.T.)

07/01/2019 Bobby Fuego (with AL-D)

06/24/2019 Far Out Fest (with E.T.)

06/17/2019 Weston (with AL-D)

06/10/2019 Wu-Tang Clan tribute (with E.T.)

06/03/2019 Jesse Lives (with AL-D)

05/27/2019 Bentley Caldwell’s The Place… (with E.T.)

05/20/2019 Jason Marsden (with AL-D)

05/13/2019 Mr. VA (with E.T.)

05/06/2019 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)

04/29/2019 Local Music replay (with E.T.)

04/22/2019 Local music replay (with E.T.)

04/15/2019 Carnage the Executioner (with AL-D)

04/08/2019 Kurt Cobain Tribute (with E.T.)

04/01/2019 Local artist submissions (with AL-D)

03/25/2019 DJ Wigs & New Bang (with AL-D & E.T.)

03/18/2019 2Piece (with AL-D)

03/11/2019 Notorious B.I.G. Tribute (with E.T.)

03/04/2019 J-Live (with AL-D)

02/25/2019 Replay

02/18/2019 Black Star Archives (with E.T.)

02/11/2019 Greg Bryant (with AL-D)

02/04/2019 Stainless (with AL-D)

01/28/2019 Spewfest Preview (with E.T.)

01/21/2019 Taiyamo Denku (with E.T.)

01/14/2019 Strif Dogs (with E.T.)

01/07/2019 OskarProphecy (with AL-D)

12/31/2018 Local music replay (with AL-D)

12/24/2018 Previous show replay

12/17/2018 Ayanna Jahnee (with AL-D)

12/10/2018 Upcoming Hip Hop Show Previews (with E.T.)

12/03/2018 Local Artist Submissions (with AL-D)

11/26/2018 Previously Unreleased Tracks (with E.T.)

11/19/2018 Top Notch (with AL-D)

11/12/2018 Previous show replay

11/05/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)

10/29/2018 Hip Hop Halloween (with AL-D)

10/22/2018 Halloween Playlist (with E.T.)

10/15/2018 Mikey Black and VIBEZ (with AL-D)

10/08/2018 Beats and Instrumentals (with E.T.)

10/01/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate (replay with AL-D)

09/24/2018 Summer Sampler replay (with E.T.)

09/17/2018 Big Lo and Fyütch (with AL-D)

09/10/2018 Summer Sampler (with E.T.)

09/03/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate preview (with AL-D)

08/27/2018 DJ Wigs and New Bang (with AL-D and E.T.)

08/20/2018 MUG$ and L Roy Da Boy (with AL-D)

08/13/2018 Ill Dose replay (with E.T.)

08/06/2018 Quiet Entertainer (with AL-D)

07/30/2018 Case Bloom and Radski (with AL-D)

07/23/2018 Local Show Previews (with AL-D)

07/16/2018 Rashad Tha Poet (with AL-D)

07/09/2018 Weston & Out Here Boys (with E.T. and AL-D)

07/02/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)

06/25/2018 Party With a Purpose Preview (with E.T.)

06/18/2018 It’s Like That Records (with AL-D)

06/11/2018 Nick Nixon Tribute (with E.T.)

06/04/2018 Villematic Preview (with AL-D)

05/28/2018 Local Artists (replay with E.T.)

05/21/2018 Local Artist Submissions (with AL-D)

05/14/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with E.T.)

05/07/2018 Culture Freedom & Trane Spitta (with AL-D)

04/30/2018 Local Musician Submissions (with AL-D)

04/23/2018 Local Artists (with E.T.)

04/16/2018 Local Artists (with AL-D)

04/09/2018 Back Pockets Live at The Basement East (with E.T.)

04/02/2018 Black Holler’s Heidi Ervin (with AL-D)

03/26/2018 Brauninger (with E.T.)

03/19/2018 Local Hip Hop (with AL-D)

03/12/2018 Local Hip Hop (replay with E.T.)

03/05/2018 DTL (with AL-D)

02/26/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with E.T.)

02/19/2018 Trane Spitta and James Fate (with AL-D)

02/12/2018 Dirtbike Mike/Bentley Caldwell spots (with E.T.)

02/05/2018 Remsteele (with AL-D)

01/29/2018 Bentley Caldwell (with AL-D)

01/15/2018 Boom Bap X Preview (with AL-D)

01/08/2018 Spewfest 3 Preview (with E.T.)

01/01/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Radio replay (with AL-D)

In August of 2017, the Nashville Scene published the article, “A Quick Look at Nashville Hip-Hop in 2017,” featuring a blurb about the Fringe Radio Show:

“Over the past seven decades, an incredible variety of music has developed roots and infrastructure in Nashville, from country, R&B and Americana, to myriad flavors of rock and punk and contemporary dance-driven pop. Music City’s hip-hop artists, however, don’t seem to get the attention they deserve.

People are working hard to change that: Examples include Virghost’s Villematic concert series, AL-D and E.T.’s Fringe Radio Show on WRFN and their quarterly Meant for the Milk Crate showcases, and Dirtbike Mike’s Tuesday open mic cypher at Bearded Iris Brewing’s taproom. Still, establishing connections in other cities where major players have built their home bases remains key for talented producers and performers to reach the next level of their careers” —Stephen Trageser for the Nashville Scene

12/25/2017 Christmas Hip Hop Favorites (with E.T.)

12/18/2017 DJ Wick-It the Instigator (with AL-D)

12/11/2017 2016 Fall / Winter Sampler replay (with E.T.)

12/04/2017 Meant for the Milk Crate Preview (with AL-D)

11/27/2017 2017 Fall / Winter Sampler (with E.T.)

11/20/2017 Stepson and Odd Moon (with AL-D)

11/13/2017 DJ Bmore Bella (with E.T.)

11/06/2017 Skip Fearless (with AL-D)

10/30/2017 Kadmon Love (with AL-D)

10/23/2017 Local hip hop (with AL-D)

10/16/2017 Local hip hop (with AL-D)

10/09/2017 Tom Petty Tribute (with E.T.)

10/02/2017 Seene P & BA the Lewe (with AL-D)

09/25/2017 Pay it Forward & City Swap Preview (with E.T.)

09/18/2017 3van 6rey (with AL-D)

09/11/2017 Local hip hop (with E.T.)

09/04/2017 Local hip hop (with AL-D)

08/28/2017 Racq Music (with AL-D)

08/21/2017 Illiminate (with E.T.)

08/14/2017 Mobb Deep Tribute (with E.T.)

08/07/2017 Tiara P (with AL-D)

07/31/2017 SeddyMac (with AL-D)

07/24/2017 JusBam (with E.T.)

07/17/2017 Special Guest (with AL-D)

07/10/2017 Louisville Classics (with E.T.)

07/03/2017 Nashville Hip Hop Favorites re-broadcast (with AL-D)

06/26/2017 Summer Sampler re-broadcast (with E.T.)

06/19/2017 BEZ (with AL-D)

06/12/2017 D’Llisha Davis (with AL-D)

06/05/2017 Nikko Green (with AL-D)

05/29/2017 Nashville Hip Hop Classics re-broadcast (with AL-D)

05/22/2017 Summer Sampler (with E.T.)

05/15/2017 Squikee (with AL-D)

05/08/2017 TIO (with E.T. and AL-D)

05/01/2017 Chilli Sauce (with AL-D)

04/24/2017 Dirtbike Mike (with E.T. and AL-D)

04/17/2017 Bruce Ervin, Heidi Ervin & Rachel Ward (with AL-D)

04/10/2017 Olasubomi “Ola” Aka-Bashorun (with E.T.)

04/03/2017 Raw Proof (with AL-D)

03/27/2017 Ill Dose Replay (with E.T.)

03/20/2017 Capo of Concrete Magazine (with AL-D)

03/13/2017 JusBam (with E.T.)

03/06/2017 Dave Singleton of Magic in Threes (with AL-D)

02/27/2017 Old School Mondays (with E.T.)

02/20/2017 Dee Jay Stones & 28 (with AL-D)

02/13/2017 Jenesys (with E.T.)

02/06/2017 Bradley Shelton and Kwesi Skillz (with AL-D)

01/30/2017 S-Wrap and Bobby Exodus (with AL-D)

01/23/2017 Ill Dose (with E.T.)

01/16/2016 Tyke T (with AL-D)

01/09/2017 Fall/Winter Sampler Replay (with E.T.)

01/02/2017 Local Hip Hop (with E.T.)


In the 2016 edition of the Nashville Scene’s “Best of Nashville, the Fringe Radio Show was named “Best place to hear local hip-hop on the airwaves.”

“The caliber of Nashville’s hip-hop artists is on par with our singer-songwriters and rock bands, but you wouldn’t know it from scanning the radio dial or walking into your corner bar. Besides being an outstanding MC duo, AL-D and E.T. are being the change they want to see in their scene. They do their damndest to make local hip-hop easier for the casual fan to stumble onto through the Fringe Radio Show; they alternate hosting duties on the show each Monday night on Radio Free Nashville. On air, they shine a spotlight on top talent from around the region with interviews and a heap of tracks, and then they bring it to you in the flesh, organizing quarterly showcase concerts under the moniker Meant for the Milk Crate.”

12/26/2016 Christmas Special (with E.T.)

12/19/2016 Malcolm DeWayne (with AL-D)

12/12/2016 Fall/Winter Sampler (with E.T.)

12/05/2016 Killing Grace (with AL-D)

11/28/2016 Nam White (with E.T.)

11/21/2016 Polar (with AL-D)

11/14/2016 A Tribe Called Quest Tribute (with E.T.)

11/07/2016 Mage Tha Blackheart & Templar (with AL-D)

10/31/2016 Nashville Hip Hop Favorites (with AL-D)

10/24/2016 J Dilla Tribute (with E.T.)

10/17/2016 mc chris (with AL-D)

10/10/2016 Local Hip Hop Playlist (with E.T.)

10/03/2016 Frzy & DJ Wigs (with AL-D)

09/26/2016 Instrumental Mondays (with E.T.)

09/19/2016 Rachel Warrick, Arthur Leago & Ra Noise (with AL-D)

09/12/2016 Cole Jonique (with E.T.)

09/05/2016 Virghost & Black Atticus (with AL-D)

08/29/2016 No Guest (with AL-D)

08/22/2016 Allen Poe & Foundation Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

08/15/2016 Allen Poe & Foundation (with AL-D)

08/08/2016 The Fugees’ “The Score” Tribute Show (with E.T.)

08/01/2016 Tylan (with AL-D)

07/25/2016 Summer Sampler (with E.T.)

07/18/2016 Jo’shua Odine (with AL-D)

07/11/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)

07/04/2016 No Guest (with AL-D)

06/27/2016 Amerigo Gazaway Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

06/20/2016 BeHoward and Slim Chance (with AL-D)

06/13/2016 Pow Shadowz and AL-D (with E.T.)

06/06/2016 Amerigo Gazaway (with AL-D)

05/30/2016 Best of (with E.T.)

05/23/2016 Alfred Banks (with AL-D)

05/16/2016 Indie Chris (with AL-D)

05/09/2016 Cory Taylor Cox (with E.T.)

05/02/2016 Matthew McCoy of MD and Cobalt Blue (with AL-D)

04/25/2016 Prince Tribute (with E.T.)

04/18/2016 Namir Blade (aka Rain, aka .mge.) (with AL-D)

04/11/2016 Old School Mondays (with E.T.)

04/04/2016 Finess (with AL-D)

03/28/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)

03/21/2016 Slim Chance and 5’3″ (with AL-D)

03/14/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)

03/07/2016 Wayne Diesel (with AL-D)

02/29/2016 Top Notch of IIIrd Class (with AL-D)

02/22/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)

02/15/2016 Birthday Show (with E.T.)

02/08/2016 No Guest (with E.T.)

02/01/2016 Bowls and Case Bloom (with AL-D)

01/25/2016 2015 Fall Sampler, Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)

01/18/2016 DJ Truestarr and Shmuck the Loyal (with AL-D)

01/11/2016 The Gills (with E.T.)

01/04/2016 Don S. & Positive Vibe (with AL-D)

12/28/2015 DJ Stones and Kross (with E.T.)

12/21/2015 Heidi Ervin (with AL-D)

12/14/2015 No Guest (with E.T.)

12/07/2015 No Guest (with AL-D)

11/30/2015 E.T. (with AL-D)

11/23/2015 No Guest (with E.T.)

11/16/2015 Samantha Frances (with AL-D)

11/09/2015 Fall 2015 Sampler (with E.T.)

11/02/2015 S.M.O. (with AL-D)

10/26/2015 Manzardo (with E.T.)

10/19/2015 Jeni Calhoun (with AL-D)

10/12/2015 No Guest, Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)

10/05/2015 Mutual Groove (with AL-D)

09/28/2015 Bentley Caldwell (with AL-D)

09/21/2015 L’Orange (with AL-D)

09/14/2015 No Guest, Requests (with E.T.)

09/07/2015 Virghost (with E.T.)

08/31/2015 Great Barrier Reefs, Dynamo & more (with AL-D)

08/24/2015 Cormat Re-Broadcast (with AL-D)

08/17/2015 Cormat (with AL-D)

08/10/2015 Quiet Entertainer (with E.T.)

08/03/2015 Lad, Classik Levine & Wings of Apollo (with AL-D)

07/27/2015 Rae Hering & Jonathan Morse (with E.T.)

07/20/2015 Fauna Halo & Sofa Brown (with AL-D)

07/13/2015 No Guest (with AL-D & E.T.)

07/06/2015 Magnetic & B.Cooper (with AL-D)

06/29/2015 Zach Lerman and Since When? (with AL-D)

06/22/2015 Sarah Saturday and Dycee Wildman (with AL-D & E.T.)

06/15/2015 Samantha & Adam of 61hi5 (with AL-D)

06/08/2015 No Guest (with E.T.)

06/01/2015 No Guest (with AL-D)

05/25/2015 No Guest (with E.T.)

05/18/2015 Dillon Minach & Supastition (with AL-D)

05/11/2015 2015 Spring Sampler Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)

05/04/2015 Pow Shadowz (with Al-D)

04/27/2015 No Guest (with Al-D)

04/20/2015 Magnetic Forces (with Al-D)

04/13/2015 2015 Spring Sampler (with E.T.)

04/06/2015 DJ Vamp (with Al-D)

03/30/2015 The Upper Middle (with Al-D)

03/23/2015 Waterfall Wash (with E.T.)

03/16/2015 Truth Clipsy (with Al-D)

03/09/2015 Kayla Newcome Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)

03/02/2015 We Speak in Colors (with Al-D)

02/23/2015 2015 Winter Sampler Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)

02/16/2015 2015 Winter Sampler Re-Broadcast (with E.T.)

02/09/2015 2015 Winter Sampler (with E.T.)

02/02/2015 Spoken Nerd (with Al-D)

01/26/2015 Jeff Blaney (with E.T.)

01/19/2015 Frances & the Foundation (with Al-D)

01/12/2015 Iyce (with E.T.)

01/05/2015 AdoniYah (with Al-D)

12/29/2014 Jason Da Hater of Iron Mic Coalition (with Al-D)

12/22/2014 Rae Hering (with E.T.)

12/15/2014 Cole Jonique (with Al-D)

12/08/2014 B. Stille of Nappy Roots (with E.T.)

12/01/2014 kidDEAD (with Al-D)

11/24/2014 No Guest (with E.T.)

11/17/2014 Rahsaan Barber of The Megaphones (with Al-D)

11/10/2014 Snipes Re-Broadcast (with Al-D)

11/03/2014 Snipes (with Al-D)

10/27/2014 Zach Ferrin and Jo Cleary of Fable Cry (with E.T.)

10/20/2014 Churchyard (with Al-D)

10/13/2014 Ashleigh Taylor Anderson (with E.T.)

10/06/2014 D.O.U.G.H. (with Al-D)

09/29/2014 No Guest (with Al-D)

09/22/2014 Ric Latina and Markey of Markey Blue (with E.T.)

09/15/2014 Justin Kalk of the Justin Kalk Orchestra (with Al-D)

09/08/2014 Virghost Memphiasco (with E.T.)

09/01/2014 Young Quael (with Al-D)

08/25/2014 Deep Fried 5 (with E.T.)

08/18/2014 Cormat (with Al-D)

08/11/2014 Quiet Entertainer (with E.T.)

08/04/2014 *repeat repeat (with Al-D)

07/28/2014 Guthrie Brown (with E.T.)

07/21/2014 Sofa Brown (with Al-D)

07/14/2014 Kayla Newcome (with E.T.)

07/07/2014 Pow Shadowz (with Al-D)

06/30/2014 2014 Summer Sampler (with E.T.)

06/23/2014 Greg Bryant (with E.T.)

06/16/2014 In Mi Vida (with Al-D)

06/09/2014 James Fate (with E.T.)

06/02/2014 Rashad Tha Poet (with Al-D)

05/26/2014 Jeff Blaney (with E.T.)

05/19/2014 Asher Horton and Ben Parks (with Al-D)

05/12/2014 Dee Jay Stones (with E.T.)

05/05/2014 No Guest (with Al-D)

04/28/2014 Tony Hartman of Great Barrier Reefs (with Al-D)

04/21/2014 Charles Butler (with Al-D)

04/14/2014 Kansas Bible Company (with Al-D)

04/07/2014 AJ Eason of AJ & the Jiggawatts (with Al-D)

03/31/2014 Austin Grimm of Roots of a Rebellion (with Al-D)

03/24/2014 Two-Tones (with Al-D)

03/17/2014 Dj Chozen (with Al-D)

03/10/2014 Chris West & Bruce Ervin (with Al-D)

03/03/2014 Whit Hubner of Mando Blues (with Al-D)

02/26/2014 Great Barrier Reefs & more (with Al-D)

02/17/2014 No Guest (with E.T.)

02/10/2014 David Guy of G.E.D. Soul Records (with Al-D)

02/03/2014 Comedy Mafia (with Al-D)

01/27/2014 Tony Gerber of Cotton Blossom Band (with Al-D)

01/20/2014 Jesse Lafser (with Al-D)

01/13/2014 BloodDrive (with Al-D)

01/06/2014 Andrew Muller (with Al-D)

12/30/2013 Swap Meet Symphony (with Al-D)

12/23/2013 No Guest (with Al-D)

12/16/2013 Dj Rate (with Al-D)

12/09/2013 Oscar Utterstrom and Bruce Ervin (with Al-D)

12/02/2013 *repeat repeat (with Al-D)

11/25/2013 Tyler Parkey & Andy Leab of Funkonauts (with Al-D)

11/11/2013 Chris West (with Al-D)

10/28/2013 No Guest (with Al-D)