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February 17: SPEWFEST in East Nashville

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On Friday, February 17 we’ve got a special Friends of the Fringe event on the radar as SPEWFEST hits East Nashville, featuring 21 bands on 3 stages at 2 venues (The East Room and The Cobra). The lineup includes Meth Dad, The Minks, Crease Reader, SEXX, Boyscott, Charlie and the Evil Mothers, The Burps, Telefones, Mouth Reader, Quichenight, The Medium, Lasso spells, Gunther Doug, Harpooner, Spoken Nerd, The Inscape, Liz Cooper, Mom and Dad, Lawndry, Penicillin Baby, and Warm Ryders. The event kicks off at 7pm and you can get more info on the event here.

Main stage – East Room
1130pm – Quichenight
1045pm – Lasso Spells
10pm – Warm Ryders
915pm – Harpooner
835pm – The Burps
8pm – The Medium
730pm – Telefones

Psych Alliance Stage – Cobra(Big Room)
1145pm – Liz Cooper & The Stampede
11pm – Penicillin Baby
1015pm – Lawndry
930pm – Crease Reader
845pm – The Minks
810pm – The Inscape
740pm – Charlie and the Evil Mothers
Liquid Light Show by Silver Cord Cinema.

Puke Stage – Cobra – Front Room
12am – Meth Dad
1115pm – Spoken Nerd
1030pm – Gunther Doug
945pm – SEXX
855pm – Mom and Dad
820pm – Mouth Reader
750pm – Boyscott