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September 2023 Newsletter

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The Nashville Fringe Festival exists to celebrate the diversity of Nashville artists & to honor the legends among us who enrich our city and inspire our lives. This month we’re sharing news & offerings from several friends from around town.

Fringe Radio Show

Every Monday Night on Radio Free Nashville, WRFN-LP Pasquo 103.7 & 107.1 FM

The Fringe Radio Show with E.T. and AL-D

Each and every Monday night the Fringe Radio Show takes the airwaves on Radio Free Nashville to host and promote a wide variety of music. Check out our archives, which include programs dating back to 2013, or take a look back with us at some of the great Nashville talent that has appeared on the show during the month of September in years gone by: Manifesto (2022), KING the MC (2019), Fyütch (2018), Virghost (2016), L’Orange (2015), Bentley Caldwell (2015), Markey Blue (2014), and Justin Kalk (2014).

And while we’re at it, join us in taking a look back at some of the great Fringe-related events that have gone down during the month of September: Markey Blue at Bourbon Street (2014), Peter Cooper at The Station Inn (2013), Ponychase & EL EL at The Basement (2013), and Dynamo at Exit/In (2015).

Great Affairs Sleepwalker

The Great Affairs, featuring friend of the Fringe Corey Rozzini, have a new album out called SleepwalkerListen to it here.

Be Your Own PET Grimeys

And here are a few events to put on your calendar this month:

Everclear Nashville