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Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville 2016: Fringe Radio Show

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“Best Place to Hear Local Hip-Hop on the Airwaves”

The caliber of Nashville’s hip-hop artists is on par with our singer-songwriters and rock bands, but you wouldn’t know it from scanning the radio dial or walking into your corner bar. Besides being an outstanding MC duo, AL-D and E.T. are being the change they want to see in their scene. They do their damndest to make local hip-hop easier for the casual fan to stumble onto through the Fringe Radio Show; they alternate hosting duties on the show each Monday night on Radio Free Nashville. On air, they shine a spotlight on top talent from around the region with interviews and a heap of tracks, and then they bring it to you in the flesh, organizing quarterly showcase concerts under the moniker Meant for the Milk Crate. STEPHEN TRAGESER