Fall 2015 Nashville Fringe Festival Sampler

Fall 2015 Nashville Fringe Festival Sampler

The Fall 2015 Nashville Fringe Festival Sampler features contributions from AL-D, Bentley Caldwell, Dynamo, E.T., Fraug, the Great Barrier Reefs, Jeni Calhoun, and Truth Clipsy. Listen below, or download the entire sampler by registering for the Nashville Fringe Festival’s newsletter.

“In This Together” is from E.T. and AL-D‘s forthcoming collaborative release. “Moonwax” appears on Fraug‘s 2015 self-titled EP. “No Tears” is the lead track from Truth Clipsy‘s EP titled The Lion. “Fight” appears on Bentley Caldwell‘s album, A Place to Be. “Dangerous Woman” is from Dynamo‘s 2015 release, Find Your Way. “The Revelation” is from Jeni Calhoun‘s mixtape titled Resurrection of Hip Hop. “Train Ride Home” is taken from the Great Barrier Reefs‘ 2014 release, Are You Scared?!

Preview: Truth Clipsy on the Fringe Radio Show

Truth Clipsy

Tonight on the Fringe Radio Show, host Al-D will be talking with MC and producer Truth Clipsy.

Clipsy’s music is consistently topical and the MC never backs down from expressing his beliefs within his art. “We don’t talk about making our communities better and offering hope to the younger generation,” he challenged in a 2012 interview. “Why are these not viable subjects in the hip-hop community?”

Check out his video for “Weary Blues Of The Fearless Few” below, and don’t forget to tune in at 6:00pm (Central) for the Fringe Radio Show on Radio Free Nashville 103.7 FM (which is also streaming online at RadioFreeNashville.org).