2017 Spring / Summer Sampler

The Nashville Fringe Festival is proud to present a new compilation featuring 15 tracks to help welcome summer.

1) Tom Larson and the Great Melodies Troupe “Bagyenyi Mwebare Kwijja”

This track is from a special project which is now in its fourth year – the “I Know Concert Series” featuring local musicians performing in Uganda to help raise HIV awareness and get affected individuals treatment.

Tom Larson: Facebook | ReverbNation

2) RacQ Music “Love Lost III” (feat. William “Black Sax” Banks and K. Marie)

“Love Lost III” is from RacQ Music’s 2014 release, Back in the Habit.

RacQ Music: Facebook | ReverbNation | Soundcloud | Twitter

3) Raw Proof “Knock, Knock, KnockiN'”

“Knock, Knock, KnockiN'” is a previously unreleased track from Raw Proof. From Proof, “It’s a song about being a hermit and not wanting to be around… people. It’s a song about Liars, Thieves, and Cheaters.”

Raw Proof: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

4) AL-D “Makin’ More Hits Remix” (feat. Ahmad Rashad, Mixed by DJ Rate)

“Makin’ More Hits” is from AL-D’s 2011 release, Vitamin D.

AL-D: Bandcamp | Twitter

5) Malcolm DeWayne “Adult Swim” (feat. J. Nolan, Produced by Plue Starfox)

Malcolm DeWayne (formerly Mac L) is currently working on his Enter the Soul Dragon EP, which he anticipates releasing late 2017/early 2018.

Malcolm DeWayne: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

6) Tom Larson and the Great Melodies Troupe “Ntembe”

7) Magic in Threes “Cloud Lifter”

“Cloud Lifter” is from Magic in Threes’ 2016 Heady Days EP.

Magic in Threes: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

8) A Playa Named Stones “3ye Fly”

“3ye Fly” is from A Playa Named Stones’ newly released album, The Playa Tape.

A Playa Named Stones: Instagram | ReverbNation | Soundcloud | Twitter

9) JusBam “Let Ya Light Shine”

“Let Ya Light Shine” is from JusBam’s 2015 album, Whoiam.

JusBam: Facebook | ReverbNation | Soundcloud | Twitter

10) Bruce Ervin “Pool Party JAM!”

“Pool Party JAM!” is Written, Performed, & Produced by Bruce Ervin; Courtesy of Pudding Cloud Productions (ASCAP). “Pool Party JAM!” is from Black Holler, a Kickstarter-funded, horror-comedy, feature film produced in Nashville.

Black Holler: Facebook | Twitter

11) E.T. “Letter To Hip Hop” (feat. Turin)

“Letter To Hip Hop” is from E.T.’s 2014 release, I Hate Rap Music “The Mixtape.”

E.T.: Bandcamp | Twitter

12) Rashad Tha Poet “The Yeahs” (feat. Classik Levine)

“The Yeahs” is from Rashad Tha Poet’s 2016 album, Soulville.

Rashad Tha Poet: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

13) RacQ Music “Kushcabulary”

“Kushcabulary” is from RacQ Music’s 2014 release, Back in the Habit.

14) Spoken Nerd “Grocery Store”

“Grocery Store” is from Spoken Nerd’s 2015 FAILING IS FUN EP.

Spoken Nerd: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

15) Bruce Ervin “New Girl in Town”

“New Girl in Town” is Written, Performed, & Produced by Bruce Ervin; Courtesy of Pudding Cloud Productions (ASCAP). Much like “Pool Party JAM!,” “New Girl in Town” is also from Black Holler.

March 18: Meant for the Milk Crate at The Cobra

The Nashville Fringe Festival is proud to support Meant for the Milk Crate, which will be hosting its next quarterly showcase March 18 at The Cobra. This installment of the show will feature G.E.D. Soul’s Magic in Threes, Street Band Clan, Rashad Tha Poet, and Wally Clark, with AL-D, E.T. & DJ Vamp holding things down throughout the night. The show gets going at 9:30. Tickets are $8 and the show is 21+. For more information, head to MFTMC’s Facebook page.

December 5: E.T. & AL-D “Inevitable” Release Show

ALD ET Inevitable

Backed by Back Pockets and the Nashville Horns, E.T. and AL-D will be celebrating the release of their new album, Inevitable, Saturday, December 5 at fooBAR. The night will be hosted by Rashad Tha Poet, and will also feature Cole Jonique, Mutual Groove, and DJ Vamp. This is a FREE show, and will kick off at 9:00pm. Click here to RSVP to the show on Facebook.

Preview: Rhythm & Rhymes on the Fringe Radio Show

Rhythm Rhymes 2015 Nashville

Tonight on the Fringe Radio Show, host AL-D will be joined by Lad (aka IGO Nashville), Darnell “Classik” Levine, and David Martin of Wings of Apollo to talk about the upcoming Rhythm & Rhymes event at fooBAR. In addition to discussing show details, they’ll also be spinning music from the likes of Rashad Tha Poet, D.O.U.G.H., Virghost & Malcolm Dewayne, who will all be performing at the event (which will take place August 8).

The Fringe Radio Show will go live tonight at 6:00pm (Central) on Radio Free Nashville 103.7 FM (which is also streaming online at RadioFreeNashville.org).

Fringe Radio Show with Al-D (feat. Rashad Tha Poet)

Rashad tha Poet Less is More

For the June 2, 2014 edition of the Fringe Radio Show with Al-D, Al’s in-studio guest was Rashad Tha Poet. The duo discuss their upcoming show, which also features Stones, Virghost, and E.T. The event takes place at Ignite in Murfreesboro Sunday, June 8.

[Download MP3 file here]