2017 Fall / Winter Sampler

The Nashville Fringe Festival is proud to present our fourteenth seasonal sampler, featuring ten tracks showcasing an eclectic range of the city’s artists. Preview the album below, or download the entire sampler by subscribing to the Nashville Fringe Festival’s newsletter.

1) Dynamo “Thankful”

“Thankful” is from Dynamo’s 2016 album Celina, which was recorded in front of a live studio audience. The album is comprised of eight tracks completely free of overdubs.

2) Eric Brace “Petitle Fleur”

“Petite Fleur,” by Sidney Bechet & Fernand Bonifay, is from Eric Brace’s 2017 album Cartes Postales, released via Red Beet Records. (Credits – Eric Brace: vocals; Rory Hoffman: guitar, accordion, clarinet; Mark Fain: bass; Lynn Williams: drums.)

3) Charles Butler “No One Knows My Plan”

“No One Knows My Plan,” written by They Might Be Giants, was released on Charles Butler’s 2015 Letterbox – They Might Be Giants Reimagined LP. (Credits – Justin Amaral: drums, percussion; David Spicher: bass; Derek Pell: fiddle; Marc Lacuesta: melodica; Charles Butler: banjo. Engineered and mixed by Marc Lacuesta.)

4) Jeff Blaney “Roll and Tumble”

“Roll and Tumble” is from Jeff Blaney’s 2017 Tennessee EP. (Credits: Jeff Blaney: guitar, vocals; Charlie Pate: upright bass, vocals; Charles Butler: banjo, dobro; Mick Chegwidden: mandolin.)

5) Charlie Rauh “Augustine”

“Augustine” is from Charlie Rauh’s Viriditas LP, released in 2017 via Destiny Records.

6) Tony Gerber “Child of Wonder”

“Child of Wonder” appears on Tony Gerber’s Best Of Retrospective 1986​-​2000.

7) Rae Hering “How the Wind Blows” (live at Pentavarit)

“How the Wind Blows” was written by Rae Hering and Jonathan Morse, and recorded live at Pentavarit Studios. (Credits – Rae Hering: vocals, keyboard; Jonathan Morse: bass; Keith McGonigle: drums; Laura Vance: background vocals. Produced by Bobby Holland and Rae Hering; Engineered and Mixed by Bobby Holland; Mastered by Frank Gagliardi.)

8) Bentley Caldwell “Awkward Turtle”

“Awkward Turtle” is from Bentley Caldwell’s 2014 A Place to Be EP.

9) Bruce Ervin “Will You Light My Fire?”

Bruce Ervin’s “Will You Light My Fire?” is from the 2017 film, Black Holler.

10) Mutual Groove “Here Comes The Bear”

December 5: E.T. & AL-D “Inevitable” Release Show

ALD ET Inevitable

Backed by Back Pockets and the Nashville Horns, E.T. and AL-D will be celebrating the release of their new album, Inevitable, Saturday, December 5 at fooBAR. The night will be hosted by Rashad Tha Poet, and will also feature Cole Jonique, Mutual Groove, and DJ Vamp. This is a FREE show, and will kick off at 9:00pm. Click here to RSVP to the show on Facebook.

Preview: Mutual Groove on the Fringe Radio Show

Mutual Groove

Tonight on the Fringe Radio Show, host AL-D will be joined by Mutual Groove.

Bassist Pat “PGravy” Graves and drummer David “DMart” Martin began playing together in 2007 in the rock trio Wings of Apollo, before turning their collective attention to their current project, where their intention is to create and record their own music while “also being the rhythm section for anyone who needs an experienced drummer and bassist, whether on recording, or live on stage.” The two have backed a wide range of Nashville artists, including AL-D, and on tonight’s show we’ll hear more about who they’ve collaborated with in addition to some of the duo’s recent live recordings, demos, and freestyles.

Mutual Groove – ESJ Virghost Memphiasco on Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Fringe Radio Show will go live tonight at 6:00pm (Central) on Radio Free Nashville 103.7 FM (which is also streaming online at RadioFreeNashville.org).