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Nashville Scene: Deep Fried 5 Critics’ Pick

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Nashville Scene Deep Fried 5 Critics Pick

Where in the fuck does the time go? When I saw that Deep Fried 5 was releasing its sophomore album tonight, my first thought was, “Wait, didn’t I just review their debut?” Nope, I did not just review their debut album — I reviewed it four freaking years ago. I sprouted a new patch of grey hair just thinking about that. Four years. An entire presidential term. This is blowing my mind. But then again, so is everything I’ve heard from the new album, Right Around the Corner. In these past four years, the Deep Fried 5 have honed their chops to the point where now the funk just flows through them, spilling onto tape with sweaty, gritty mastery. DF5 are joined by DeRobert and the Half Truths and Chris West and the Junkyard Horns.