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Preview: Bobby Exodus & S-Wrap on the Fringe Radio Show

Published in Fringe Radio Show.

For the January 30 edition of the Fringe Radio Show, host AL-D will speak to Bobby Exodus and S-Wrap.

Bobby Exodus will be discussing the weekly Tuesday night Cypher! event, which is hosted by Polar and goes down at Bearded Iris Brewing. This week, AL-D will be the guest DJ at the event. S-Wrap will also join in to discuss Jazz and Hip-Hop at Alley Taps, which is coming up February 6 in Printer’s Alley. He’s working with Michael Toman Music Group on that event and there will be an open mic there, as well.

The Fringe Radio Show will go live Monday night at 6:00pm (Central) on Radio Free Nashville 103.7 FM (which is also streaming online at