Past Events

Nashville Fringe Festival Performances

11/20/2018 What the Blues Has Done for You at Cora Howe School
11/10/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate at The Cobra featuring AL-D, E.T., DJ Vamp, d.o.u.g.h., 3van 6rey, 11, and Malcolm DeWayne
10/27/2018 Howloween with *repeat repeat
10/27/2018 Nashville Salsa Machine at Schermerhorn Symphony Center
09/08/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate Mixtape Release Party at The Cobra, hosted by AL-D & E.T. with sounds by DJ Vamp, featuring Young Quael, Case Arnold, Foundation, and Daisha McBride
07/14/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate at The Cobra featuring AL-D & E.T. with DJ Vamp, featuring Brown, Out Here Boys (Sofa Brown and Evan Blocker), Tyke T, and Weston
05/19/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate at The Cobra featuring Culture Freedom, JusBam, Weirdose x Juan Cosby, T.R.A.N.E. Spitta, AL-D, E.T. & DJ Vamp
04/13/2018 Black Holler DVD & Soundtrack Release Party/Screening at Full Moon Cineplex
04/11/2018 What the Blues Has Done for You at Cole Elementary School
03/15/2018 What the Blues Has Done for You at Hattie Cotton Elementary School
03/10/2018 Meant for the Milk Crate at The Cobra, featuring Namir Blade, DTL, Ayce G, Raw Proof, and DJ Vamp, hosted by AL-D and E.T.
03/08/2018 What the Blues Has Done for You at Harris-Hillman School
02/22/2018 What the Blues Has Done for You at Dan Mills Elementary School
02/08/2018 What the Blues Has Done for You at Meigs Middle School
02/07/2018 Concurrence at Rudy’s Jazz Room
02/06/2018 Concurrence at Rudy’s Jazz Room
02/05/2018 Concurrence at Vinyl Tap
02/04/2018 Concurrence at The Groove

12/16/2017 Meant For The Milk Crate feat. Capitol Minds (Virghost, Soulman Snipes & Kxng Klxpsy), SeddyMac, Bobby Exodus, and BLiZZ, with AL-D, E.T., and DJ Vamp at The Cobra
12/14/2017 What the Blues Has Done for You at Smithson Craighead Elementary
10/27/2017 A Very Very Haunted Halloween at Fort Houston
10/13/2017 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. Jason Da Hater, Finess, Seene P, Magnetic Forces, AL-D and E.T., and DJ Vamp at The Cobra
08/21/2017 Cold Lunch Black Out! feat. Pujol, Ron Gallo, Western Medication, Lean, and Microwave Mountain at Pavilion East
08/19/2017 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. Remsteele, James Fate, Tiara P, BEZ, Jordn, DJ Vamp, AL-D & E.T. at The Cobra
06/10/2017 Meant For The Milk Crate feat. Black Atticus, J-Bush, BA the Lewe, Nikko Green, Priestess (of Planet X), AL-D, E.T., and DJ Vamp at The Cobra
05/17/2017 What The Blues Has Done For You? at Jones Paideia Elementary Magnet
05/16/2017 What The Blues Has Done For You? at Lockeland Elementary Design Center Gym
05/08/2017 What The Blues Has Done For You? at Harris-Hillman School
04/25/2017 What The Blues Has Done For You? at Antioch High School School
03/18/2017 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. Magic in Threes, Street Band Clan, Rashad Tha Poet, and Wally Clark, with AL-D, E.T. & DJ Vamp at The Cobra
03/09/2017 Concurrence at The Night Owl
03/04/2017 Concurrence at The Groove
02/28/2017 Rahsaan Barber presents: A Fat Tuesday Tribute to New Orleans at City Winery
02/25/2017 Concurrence at The Groove
02/18/2017 Concurrence at The Groove
02/02/2017 What The Blues Has Done For You? at West End Middle School

12/10/2016 Serenatta Romantic Latin Ensemble at Salsa Restaurant
12/03/2016 Meant for the Milk Crate at The Cobra feat. Nam White, Stainless Racq White, DJ Vamp, Polar, and AL-D
11/12/2016 Serenatta Romantic Latin Ensemble at Salsa Restaurant
10/13/2016 What the Blues Has Done for You at Joelton Middle School
10/08/2016 Serenatta Romantic Latin Ensemble at Salsa Restaurant
09/23/2016 Serenatta Romantic Latin Ensemble at Salsa Restaurant
08/26/2016 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. Allen Poe, BeHoward, Foundation, K-DA, and AL-D & E.T. at Foobar Too
06/17/2016 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. Amerigo Gazaway, Tim Gent, Case Arnold, Cee Oh, and AL-D & E.T. at Foobar Too
05/21/2016 Palaver Records’ East Nashville Crawfish Bash feat. ELEL, the Gills, the Jag, the Beech Benders, Twiggs, Kind, Glen Martin, and Whoa Dakota
05/13/2016 What the Blues Has Done for You with Bayou & the Degradables at Gra-Mar Middle School (photos)
04/29/2016 Nodaway, Cappa & MOTE at The High Watt
04/27/2016 Jesse Lafser, Caroline Spence and Kelsey Kopecky at The 5 Spot
04/20/2016 Jesse Lafser, Sam Lewis and Matt Haeck at The 5 Spot
04/15/2015 What the Blues Has Done for You with Bayou & the Degradables at Carter-Lawrence School
04/13/2016 Jesse Lafser, Kevin Gordon and Lauren Shera at The 5 Spot
04/06/2016 Jesse Lafser, the Cordovas and Dovetail at The 5 Spot
04/05/2016 *repeat repeat at 3rd & Lindsley
03/29/2016 What the Blues Has Done for You with Bayou & the Degradables at Hull-Jackson School
03/25/2016 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. Gee Slag, Young Quael, Slim Change, and AL-D & E.T. at Foobar Too
03/02/2016 What the Blues Has Done for You with Bayou & the Degradables at Cora Howe School
02/24/2016 Jeff Blaney and Luke Amelang at The 5 Spot
02/17/2016 Jeff Blaney and Bill Davis at The 5 Spot
02/10/2016 Jeff Blaney and Josh Case at The 5 Spot
02/03/2016 Jeff Blaney and Renee Wahl at The 5 Spot
01/14/2016 Palaver Records’ 3rd Anniversary Shows feat. Beech Benders, the Burps, Step Sisters, Yankee Blood, Waterfall Wash, Darnell Boys, Twiggs, Penicillin Baby, Kim Logan, Allen Thompson, Soft Crush, the Blue Velvets, the Gills, Daddy Issues, Red Mouth, the Jag, Tesla Rossa, Tetherball, and the Breathe In, Breathe Out at The East Room, Foobar & Foobar Too.

12/31/2015 Palaver Records Taco Soirée & Shit Show feat. White Reaper, Hans Condor, JP5, Jawws, UZi & Sexx at The East Room (photos)
12/05/2015 E.T. and AL-D “Inevitable” Release Show feat. Cole Jonique, Mutual Groove, Back Pockets, and DJ Vamp at Foobar Too (video)
11/28/2016 61Hi5 feat. Crowns, the Trigger Code, the Future, the Gad Gods, Good English, Secret Club, the Trinity Schill Kill, and Frances and the Foundation at The High Watt & Mercy Lounge
11/20/2016 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. Prophecy, Sasha Renee, Sofa Brown, Rain Wordsmith, DJ Vamp, and AL-D & E.T. at The Stone Fox
11/19-21/2016 East Nashville Underground Reunion at The Basement East feat. Ranch Ghost, ELEL, the Gills, Blackfoot Gypsies, KS Rhoades, Richie, Vinyl Thief, Buffalo Rodeo, Kansas Bible Company, the Wans, Justin Kalk, Heavy Sole, the Jag, the Future, Waterfall Wash, Tesla Rossa, Jon Byrd & Byrd’s Auto Parts, Allen Thompson Band, DJ Rate, DJ Jazzy Jazz & DJ Tanner (videos)
10/24/2016 East Nashville Underground Pumpkin Ale Patch feat. Scale Model, Twiggs, and American Dream
09/04/2015 Dynamo, the Great Barrier Reefs, Maradeen & Fraug at Exit/In (photos / videos)
08/25/2015 Mocha, Fauna Halø, Yankee Blood, and Kylie Rothfield & the Company at Exit/In (videos)
07/31/2015 Rae Hering at South x Sea Studio (photos)
07/17/2015 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. D.O.U.G.H., Cole Jonique, BA the Lewe, C-Vegas, Cronyk Illness, C.Cooper, Hughost, Adarian, 28, Chilli Sauce + additional sounds by DJ Vamp, A7, Magnetic & Stones at Foobar Too.
06/27/2015 61Hi5 feat. Lauren Farrah, aave, Heavy Sole, That’s My Kid, The Gills, Luella and Some Fella, Hans Condor & Heathen Sons at The High Watt
05/17/2015 Joel Levi, Joshua & the Bandits, and Jack Berry at Exit/In (photos / videos)
04/30/2015 Roland Barber and the Swingtime Showstoppers at The 5 Spot (photos / videos)
04/27/2015 Joel Levi, Joshua and the Bandits & Jack Berry at Exit/In (photos)
04/17/2015 Meant for the Milk Crate feat. MICxSIC, Phene, Great Scott, Finess, Bobby Black, and AL-D at Foobar Too
02/12/2015 Jeff Blaney and Charles Butler & Associates at Dan McGuinness (photos / videos)
01/09/2015 Iron Mic Coalition, Adoniyah, AL-D & E.T., and Tio at The Stone Fox (photos / video)

12/08/2014 El Movimiento at The Cave (photos)
11/23/2014 The Megaphones at The Five Spot (video)
10/24/2014 Justin Kalk Orchestra, Churchyard, and Twiggs at Headcorders
10/10 Concurrence and Cher Von at Centennial Park Black Box Theater (photos / video)
09/28/2014 Markey Blue, Eight O’Five Jive, and the Dana Robbins Band at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar (photos / video)
08/30/2014 The Coolin’ System and AJ & the Jiggawatts at The High Watt (photos / video)
08/29/2014 Deep Fried 5, Dynamo, DeRobert & the Half-Truths, and Chris West & the JunkYard Horns at Exit/In (photos / video)
08/09/2014 Hide Your Mamas, Quiet Entertainer Orchestra, and Dilly Power at The End (photos / video)
07/17/2014 Roland Barber & Friends at 3rd & Lindsley (video)
07/05/2014 Greg Bryant Expansion at The Arts Collective (photos)
06/12/2014 Chris West and the JunkYard Horns at The Building (photos / video)
06/06/2014 Jeff Blaney Band and the Danberrys at fooBAR (photos)
05/22/2014 Charles Butler & Associates and Kai Welch at The Building (photos / video)
04/19/2014 AJ & the Jiggawatts, Kansas Bible Company, and Roots of a Rebellion at Mercy Lounge (photos / video)
04/12/2014 *repeat repeat, el el & Churchyard at Mercy Lounge (photos / video)
03/12/2014 The Jack Silverman Ordeal (featuring Jack Silverman, Robert Crawford, Viktor Krauss, and Tyson Rogers) and Tracy Silverman at The Stone Fox (photos / video / more video)
03/08/2014 Charles “Wigg” Walker, Etta Brit (video), Kenny Olson (video), Supe and the Sandwiches, Blackfoot Gypsies (video), Jake Leg Stompers (video), Skinny Buddha (video), Lynn Taylor and the Barflies, Amanda Broadway (video), Amy Hart (video), Night Owl, Kim Logan, John D’Amato (video), Rickie Owens & the Farm Bureau (video), Matt Tedder, Mississippi Millie (video), Corey Mac (video) at Soulshine Pizza (photos)
03/06/2014 The Great Barrier Reefs, Uberphonics & Mode Fresh at The Rutledge (photos)
02/01/2014 Cotton Blossom Band (Tony Gerber, Mason Stevens, Mike Doster, and Roy “Futureman” Wooten) & Debbie Bond and the TruDats performing at CO-OP (photos / video)
01/22/2014 Jesse Lafser & Kevin Gordon at the Station Inn (photos)
01/18/2014 Asylum Burlesque Revue at Exit/In (video)
01/18/2014 The Cunning, Guthrie Brown, Justin Kalk Orchestra, Them Vibes, and P4 at fooBAR (P4 photos / video)
01/11/2014 Swap Meet Symphony, Al-D, DeRobert & the Half-Truths, and the Grips at The Basement (photos / video)

12/28/2013 Deep Fried 5 & Funkonauts at The High Watt (photos)
12/19/2013 Oscar Utterstrom & Michael Whittaker at The Five Spot (photos / video)
11/20/2013 Chris West & the JunkYard Horns at The Building
11/09/2013 Tennessee Women’s Theater Project: Voices of Nashville at Casa Azafran (photos)
11/02/2013 Eric Brace Presents “Hangtown Dancehall” at 3rd & Lindsley
10/31/2013 Tesla Rose, *repeat repeat, Heavy Sole, and the Dirty Things at The Basement
10/28/2013 Jazz Music City All-Stars and Nashville Jazz Orchestra at 3rd & Lindsley (photos / video)
10/26/2013 Waterfall Wash, Vinyl Thief, Slick, and Roots of a Rebellion at Headcorders (photos)
10/25/2013 BloodDrive & Lurancy Vennum at The End (photos / video)
10/03/2013 The Megaphones at 12th & Porter (photos)
09/13/2013 Peter Cooper at The Station Inn (photos / video)
09/07/2013 Ponychase, elel, and *repeat repeat at The Basement (video)
08/24/2013 Imer Santiago at The Jazz Cave (video)
08/17/2013 The Oak Creek Band, Josh Farrow, Allen Thompson Band, Buffalo Rodeo, Natalie Prass, and Ponychase at The East Room for East Nashville Underground (photos)
08/16/2013 Concurrence at Cafe Coco (video)
08/16/2013 DeRobert & the Half-Truths, AJ & the Jiggawatts, and Magic in Threes at The High Watt (video)
08/02/2013 Fox Fun (video), The Two-Tones (video), and the Jam Band All-Stars (video) at Nashville Cumberland Park (photos / video)
07/26/2013 Music from Around the World at Belmont Mansion (photos / video)
07/20/2013 In Mi Vida, Zasz, and Fable Cry (In Mi Vida photos, Zasz photos / Fable Cry photos / video)
07/11/2013 Sex Farm, H-Beam & JonesWorld at The East Room (photos)
07/05/2013 Marcus Finnie (with Rod McGaha, Antone Nesbitt, James DaSilva, and Walt Scott) and Geoff Pfeiffer (with James DaSilva, Jerry Navarro, and Robert Harsen) at Nine48Jazz
05/16/2013 Craig Havighurst’s “String Theory” (with Legends Award Presentation to Mike Grimes and Doyle Davis) at The Basement
05/11/2013 Bears of Blue River, Derek Hoke, Little Bandit, Alyssa Bonagura, Erin McCarley, Justin Kalk Orchestra at The East Room for East Nashville Underground
04/12/2013 Jeff Blaney Band (video), The One and Only Bill Davis (video), and Charles Butler & Associates (video) at Family Wash
04/06/2013 Adalene, The Hollywood Kills, and Keys To The City at The East Room
03/16/2013 Deep Fried 5 and Funkonauts & Friends at The High Watt
03/15/2013 Hide Your Mamas, SkyHi, and New Wave Rebellion at 12th & Porter
03/09/2013 & 03/10/2013 Colonel Bruce Hampton, Elle & the Fine Lines, the Cotton Blossom Band (video), Rickey Godfrey (video), Boscoe France (video), Annie McCue (video), Richie Owens & the Farm Bureau (video), Bullfrog Review (video), Cody Shipley (video), Stagolee (video), Etta Britt (video), Lauren Zoeller Band (video), Jake Hill (video), Samantha Gray (video), Sam Hunter & the Two Tones (video), Von John (video), Tom Buller & Just Plain Trouble (video), Scissormen, and John Salaway (video) at Soulshine Pizza
03/05/2013 The Jack Silverman Ordeal (feat. Viktor Krauss) and Loco Vibrato at The Stone Fox (video 1, video 2, video 3)
02/16/2013 The Static Trees, Jon Byrd (video), Joshua and the Bandits (video), Waterfall Wash, KS Rhoads (video), Colorfeels (video), Frances & The Foundation (video), and Hanzelle at The East Room for East Nashville Underground

09/29/2012 Hide Your Mamas, AFRO, Scott Fernandez, Fox Fun, Stephen Wells (live art) at the East Side Artist’s CO-OP
06/30/2012 Dance Night at The Rutledge (photos)
06/30/2012 Guitar and Dance Workshop at Global Education Center (photos)
06/29/2012 The Jack Silverman Ordeal at Family Wash (photos / video)
06/29/2012 Hot Summer Mics at Rocketown (photos)
06/27/2012 Tony Gerber and the Cotton Blossom Band (video), Bullfrog Review (video), Scott Holt Trio (video), and Mississippi Millie & Tiger Gagan (video) (feat. Legends Award Presentation to Mike Doster) at the Hard Rock Cafe (photos)
06/26/2012 Geoff Pfeifer & the Centennial Hiptet (video) and Aspene Taylor Jazz Quartet (video) at Nine48jazz (photos)
06/25/2012 Great Barrier Reefs (video), Mockingbyrd (video), Charles Butler & Associates (video), SkyHi (video), and Music City Soul Dancers at Exit/In (photos)
06/24/2012 Kelsey Griffith, Persephone Godwin, Brandon Rodriguez, AJ & the Jiggawatts (video), Ron Dee and Music City Soul Dancers, Markey Blues Band (video), Revolfusion (video), Canary Blue, at Ray Moore at Centennial Park (photos)
06/23/2012 Jamie, Joey, and the Movement (video), Chase Yaklin Band (video), OffRoad (photos / video), Centennial Jam Band (video), and OGG (photos / video) at The Listening Room
06/22/2012 Funkonauts (photos / videos), Scott Fernandez (video), Juke Skywalker (video), and Hide Your Mamas (video) at Mad Donna’s (photos)
06/21/2012 Deep Fried 5 (video), the Kelsie Cameron Band (video) at 12th & Porter (photos), Rosetta Groove (video 1, video 2), and the Captain Midnight Band (photos) at 12th & Porter
03/09/2012 Deep Fried 5, GangstaGrass (video), Charles Butler and Associates, the Music City Soul Dancers, and OpenMic (video) at Springwater

11/11/2011 Funkonauts & Sex Farm (Spinal Tap tribute band) at The Basement
06/30/2011 Kristen Hubbard Trio (video), Bull Frog Review (video), the Nixons (video), and Billy Cox and His Band (“Freedom” video, “Red House” video) (feat. Legends Award Presentation to Brenda and Billy Cox) at Cafe Coco
06/29/2011 Rosetta Groove feat. Miqui Gutierrez (video), Thunderbear (video), Montezuma Fire Machine (video), and AFRO at 12th & Porter
06/28/2011 Chris West, Sarah Edmonds (video), Halfbrass (video 1, video 2) at Bongo Java After Hours Theatre
06/23/2011 Youth Speaks Nashville (Shawn video, Valencia video, Hivante video), Open Mic, Cypher, Tia Mitchell, DJ VU, Music City Soul Dance Crew (video) at Rocketown
06/22/2011 OffRoad, Darian D and Jermy J, Music City Soul Dancers, Persophone Godwin & Michael Spriggs, and Least of Your Worries at The Listening Room
06/21/2011 Deep Fried 5 (“My Place” video, “Funk House” video), Kids Meal, Ron Dee Dance Captain, Charles Butler and Associates (“Spacelink” video, “Crescent Hill” video), the Coolin’ System (video 1, video 2) (feat. Spirit Award to Ritt and Margie Chitwood) at Exit/In (photos)

06/21/2010 Shelby Street Bridge, the Nixons, Bullfrog Review (video), group du jour, Deep Fried 5 (feat. Legends Award Presentation with Birdie & Janes “Nick” Nixon) at The Basement (photos / video montage)
06/21/2010 Metro Parks JamBand, Kids These Days, Youth Speaks Nashville, Block Family Band, and Young Guns Rock at W.O. Smith Music School
06/21/2010 Ladd Smith, Denny Sarokin, Jason Howard, and Ray Stephenson at Simon Ripley’s Music & Art

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