Quiet Entertainer on the Fringe Radio Show

For the August 6, 2018 edition of the Fringe Radio Show, host AL-D was joined by Quiet Entertainer, and played music from E.T., Fate Trane, James Fate, T.R.A.N.E. Spitta, Kate Tucker, Fable Cry, Israel Anthem, Cloudmouth, Willix, Chip Greene, and Magic of Science.

[Download MP3 file here]

Preview: Quiet Entertainer on the Fringe Radio Show

For the August 6, 2018 edition of the Fringe Radio Show, host AL-D will be speaking with Quiet Entertainer about Quiet Entertainer Festival, which will be taking place Saturday, August 11 at The Cobra.

The Fringe Radio Show will go live Monday night at 6:00pm (Central) on Radio Free Nashville 103.7 FM (which is also streaming online at RadioFreeNashville.org).

Quiet Entertainer’s track “Self-esteem” was recently featured on the Nashville Fringe Festival’s Summer 2018 sampler and can be streamed below or downloaded for free as part of the complete compilation here.

2018 Summer Sampler

The Nashville Fringe Festival is proud to present our fifteenth seasonal sampler, featuring ten tracks showcasing an eclectic range of the city’s artists. Preview the album below, or download the entire sampler by subscribing to the Nashville Fringe Festival’s newsletter.

“Intro” is from E.T. and AL-D‘s 2015 album, Inevitable

“WhoIam” is the title track from JusBam’s 2015 album

“Sharon Sunny” is an unreleased track from *repeat repeat’s 2017 album Floral Canyon

“A Man With a Hoe” is by Scotstoffersen

“Rosey” was released by Bermuda Triangle in 2017

“Self-esteem” is from Quiet Entertainer’s 2013 Intelligent Design EP

“No Breaks” is by James Fate

“Lay Low” is by TRANE Spitta

“A Persistent Truth” is by Spoken Nerd and produced by 24/7

“Radio” is from Dara Tucker’s 2017 album Oklahoma Rain (Publishing: Goldentime Music ASCAP)

Nashville Scene Critics’ Pick: Meant for the Milk Crate

AL-D and E.T.’s Meant for the Milk Crate hip-hop showcase series is approaching its fifth anniversary, so it’s likely most Nashvillians know what’s up by now. But maybe you’re here on vacation, or just moving to town. First of all, welcome, and second, you really wanna check this out. Your hosts are two outstanding rappers who’ve been known to spit a rhyme or three during the course of the evening, and they’ve got DJ Vamp on the decks, who makes the art of keeping the beat look easy. Four choice MCs are the featured guests for this installment: Music City’s Brian Brown, who’s been building up his already-strong following with new tracks from his forthcoming full-length Journey; also-local duo Out Here Boys, aka Sofa Brown and Evan Blocker, who’ve released two volumes of their athletic Move or Get Moved EP series this year; Memphis’ Tyke T, who slides between styles and voices like a chameleon changes colors; and Weston, whose lack of an internet presence is all the more reason to see him in the flesh. Really want your mind blown? Come early or stay late for the Olympic-level verbal gymnastics on display during the open-mic cyphers before and after the main show. STEPHEN TRAGESER, Nashville Scene